Enterprise Mobility


Aava Mobile’s Inari devices are used in critical applications where dependability matters. In areas like indoor/outdoor retail, outdoor drive thru, delivery, logistics, warehouse forklifts, etc., it is essential that you can fully rely on your work equipment. 

Dropped tablets, cracked displays, overheating when used outdoors in direct sunlight are just a few very annoying realities when wrong devices are being used. 

Our Inari tablets embed rugged components making them your reliable companion during work shifts with the following differentiators: Dust- and waterproof according to IP65, extended operating temperature range, vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810G, responsice touch screen and many more.


There is nothing more business damaging than interrupted processes due to work equipment downtime and employees being not familiar with the equipment and losing trust in new technologies.

Therefore, it is wise to reduce the implementation of new technologies to a minimum using long-lasting devices with stable form factors and compatible peripheral and accessories over generations, like Aava Mobile’s Inari tablets.

Where convenient tablets on average are implemented for a duration of 3 years, Inari devices are mainly used up to 5 years. Thus, leading to less software expenses and training costs for employees.

Thanks to their rugged design, Inari tablets reduce downtime due to product failures to a minimum, saving service cost and guaranteeing smooth work processes generating sales.

You see, understanding your total cost of ownership (TCO) is paramount for your business. Don’t let yourself be blinded by low acquisition costs. Investing in reliable, long-lasting devices like our Inari tablets easily pays itself off.

How It Works – Aava Mobile’s Ruggedization Test Set-up