Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Connectivity

Aava Mobile’s team is laser focused to provide the right devices at the right time and always be one of the first providers on the enterprise market.

With 4G networks already covering 81% of the world’s population in 208 countries and 5G networks projected to cover almost 40% of the world’s population by 2025 (GSMA Intelligence), the 5G era is truly upon us.

Therefore, in our stated of the art equipped design center we already develop next-generation devices featuring 5G-technology to have products ready for the transformation as soon as our customers are ready to move.

Experts in Contactless Technologies

Contactless near-field communication technology (NFC) which allows communication between electronic devices over a short distances is foundation for many commonly used processes like payment. 

Aava team aims for highest quality, most precise and repeatable results in the development and testing to ensure highest customer satisfaction and most innovative product development.

Our inhouse developed robotic test setup allows us to ensure our devices fulfil customer expectations and deliver unseen user experience.

How It Works – Aava Mobile’s NFC-Test-Robot